Iberian sliced products

Sliced iberian products / Spanish hams

Sliced iberian products / sliced spanish hams

Sliced iberian are currently one of the most demanded products in the market because of its high shelf life and ease of transportation and consumption.

Nowadays a multitude of formats and packagings have been established to commercialize these iberian products, being the Iberian ham of acorn that has revolutionized this sector of the iberian slices in this sense.

The iberian slicing is an ideal format for moderate consumers who prefer to have a product in its optimal state of consumption, preventing them from drying out and losing their organoleptic properties between consumptions.

Types of iberian sliced

In Spanish Ham we offer a varied and select range of iberian sliced products among which we can highlight the iberian ham of acorn, iberian pure acorn loin cane, bellota sausage and iberian chorizo.

All these spanish iberian products sliced of excellent quality are ideal for consumption, both family and in events of high standing, especially in the gourmet ranges of acorn. Iberian sliced products with a spectacular aroma, flavor and texture at unbeatable prices.

Sliced Iberian ham

Sliced iberian ham is one of the slices with the highest growth in consumer demand. Iberian acorn cured ham can be bought by hand for professional ham cutters in different formats for gourmet lovers.
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Sliced Iberian loin

The sliced Iberian loin is an ideal product for consumers who prefer to rationalize the consumption of the cane of spine by having the product in its optimum state of consumption at all times. Being a very healthy product for all types of diets.
sliced iberian sausages

Sliced Iberian salchichón

The sliced Iberian salchichón is a product with an exquisite aroma and flavor ideal for all types of homes and consumers. This Iberian sliced is highly demanded for daily consumption in snacks or as a starter at meals.
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Sliced Iberian chorizo

The iberian sliced chorizo is one of the products most demanded by Spanish households. This Iberian product is ideal for children's snacks or as a starter at meals with excellent organoleptic properties.

For our most selected hams we have a slicing service by professional cutters, delivering the iberian acorn ham sliced and vacuum packed in envelopes of 100, 150, 200 or 250 grams.

In Spanish Ham our Iberian slices have a spectacular texture, flavor and aroma varying according to their specific characteristics, which are defined by the Iberian pigs from which meat comes, their racial purity, their food base, the available space to make Daily exercise and by the own productive processes in factory.

In Spain, in order to safeguard quality standards, a number of standards have been established, which establish the following labeling system for Iberian products, although not used for all sliced Iberian products, if it is mandatory for the gourmet product Iberian par excellence:

Sliced iberian ham

Below we offer information on each type of iberian ham sliced. This information will help you to know which Iberian sliced ham fits best to your needs and do not forget that if you have any questions you can contact us and we will solve it.

Wholesale 100% Iberian Acorn Ham sliced

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Wholesale sliced acorn iberian pure spanish hams

The 100% Iberian acorn ham sliced is the best quality iberian ham. This ham corresponds to the previously called Iberian ham of sliced acorn or the present ham of sliced black leg.

These slices of ham come from 100% Iberian pigs that have been bred and fed freely on the pasture with acorns, natural grasses and aromatic herbs during the mountain season, and are labeled with the name "100% iberian ham of acorn".

To guarantee a perfect texture, in Spanish Ham, we offer this type of ham sliced manually by professional ham cutters in different formats and packagings.

As for the nomenclature ham of black leg, use has been restricted, being able to only denominate in this way to this type of pure iberian hams of acorn.

Wholesale Iberian Acorn Ham sliced

Buy sliced acorn iberian ham

Buy sliced acorn iberian ham

Iberian ham sliced is a iberian ham of excellent quality, ideal for the most demanding consumers who prefer sliced products for daily consumption.

These slices of ham come from the forelegs of Iberian pigs with a racial percentage of 50% and 75% of purity that have been bred and fed freely in the pasture with acorns, natural grasses and aromatic herbs during the Mountainous

These iberian pigs need a large number of acorns for fattening and daily exercise to obtain a veined and an ideal mixed grease, which can be seen in the slices themselves.

The iberian ham of sliced acorn is a goumet product with extraordinary organoleptic qualities, being ideal, in addition to for domestic consumption, for its consumption in the HORECA channel, being cut into thin slices by professional ham cutters.

Wholesale Iberian Field Bait Ham

sliced field bait iberian ham - Sliced iberian products

Import - wholesale sliced field bait iberian ham

Sliced Iberian field bait ham is an iberian ham with excellent organoleptic qualities. This ham is ideal for daily family consumption thanks to its excellent value for money.

The slices of iberian ham of field bait come from iberian pigs with a racial percentage of 50% to 100%, raised and fattened in extensive by natural grasses and aromatic herbs.

The iberian ham sliced with field bait has an excellent streaking and large amount of fat intertwined thanks to extensive fattening by which these iberian pigs perform a great amount of exercise.

Wholesale Iberian Bait Ham Sliced

Sliced bait iberian ham - Sliced iberian products

Wholesale sliced bait iberian ham

Sliced iberian bait ham is the iberian ham slices of lower quality among which establishes the regulation of Iberian ham. This ham is ideal for daily consumption due to its lower price and great organoleptic qualities.

Iberian bait ham slices come from pig hams with a racial percentage between 50% and 100% that have been bred and fed in intensive on feed-based feeders with a composition based on legumes and cereals.

This sliced ham is one of the most popular on the market, being widely used in many recipes.

Information and questions about sliced spanish ham

Find out before buying sliced iberian spanish products. Below we offer you a series of frequently asked questions to try to solve your doubts. If you need more information you can contact us.

Questions about Iberian sliced

The iberian sliced products are Iberian pigs with a minimum racial percentage of 50%, which after their production process are sliced thin slices and packaged normally vacuum for sale. With this format, a better conservation is achieved in an optimal state for consumption.

The best Iberian sliced usually is the one that is cut in fine slices ideal to be tasted by professional cutters.

The price of iberian sliced products is different for each import, depending on the quantity of products to be imported, means of transport, and tariffs of destination countries. Each country has specific regulations in this regard, so each case is dealt with individually if the orders are from countries that are not members of the European Union.

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In Spanish Ham we have gluten-free Iberian products ready to be sliced. In the case of specifying this type of sliced products without gluten, please contact us.

In Spanish Ham we have lactose-free Iberian products ready to be sliced. If you need this type of lactose-free sliced products, please contact us.

Information sliced Iberian ham

It depends on the particular situation of the companies and consumers. For lovers of slicing ham, slicing this delicacy is part of the protocol to be tasted with the best organoleptic properties. For many companies of the HORECA channel and homes, the cut of Iberian ham is just a job, so they prefer to have the same slicing for consumption and tasting at the moment they want or need.

For the majority of consumers the Iberian ham of acorn is the highest quality ham on the market, especially the ham of 100% Iberian acorn or black leg, so we can ensure that Iberian ham sliced acorn is always a guarantee of quality.

The best sliced ham is cut by professional ham cutters in thin slices and vacuum packed in a short period of time so that it does not lose its organoleptic qualities. In Spanish Ham, all our hand sliced products follow a strict protocol to keep our products in optimum condition.

Cheap sliced ham is often a symptom of machine slicing. We recommend for the Iberian acorn hams, and especially for the Iberian ham pure acorn that the slicing is done manually so that its texture is the most optimum possible.

In Spanish Ham we help import the best Iberian ham sliced, offering the possibility of obtaining sliced ham professional cutters.

In this case, they can specify the weight of each vacuum packaged envelope, being the most demanded standards: 100, 150, 200 and 250 grams.

Import & Export the best iberian sliced products

If you want to import Iberian sliced Iberian ham or any other Iberian product, please contact us and we will help you to get the best Iberian slices that best suit your needs. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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