Iberian sausages , the best spanish sausages in the world

Iberian spanish sausages

Spanish sausages

Iberian sausages are an exquisite delicacy ideal as entrees in all types of containers and for daily family consumption.

Spanish Ham puts at your disposal a select range of iberian sausages of excellent quality, which have a texture, flavor and aroma, varying according to their specific characteristics, which are defined by the Iberian pigs from which they come, their racial purity, their food base, the space available for daily exercise and for the own production processes in the factory.

The sausages we offer in Spanish Ham are the cane loin, black pudding, sausage and sausage, which we will describe briefly below, since each has a specific section of information.

Main types of Iberian sausages

The best spanish sausages
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Iberian loin cane

Iberian loin is a sausage with an excellent texture, aroma and flavor, which are more or less accentuated according to the diet and exercise performed by Iberian pigs, the best being the crown jewel Iberian loin of acorn.
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Iberian salchichón

The iberian salchichón is an excellent sausage for any culinary event, being the Iberian acorn sausage most demanded for high-class events because of its excellent flavor. Find out about the best 100% Iberian acorn sausages.
chorizo - spanish sausage

Iberian spanish chorizo

Iberian spanish chorizo is one of the iberian sausages most demanded by Spanish families for a multitude of gastronomic uses. These Iberico acorn sausages are ideal for high-class events. Buy the best pure acorn Iberian chorizo.
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Iberian black pudding

Iberian black pudding is an excellent sausage for the culinary use. This Iberian sausage can be made in different ways, being very varied its flavors, textures and smells. Other types of blood sausages that we commercialize are the black pudding and the black pudding.

Elaboration of the different types of Iberian spanish sausages

elaborar embutidos ibericos

Elaboration of spanish sausages

The process of making the iberian sausages depends on the type of sausage to be made, being different even within each one according to the manufacturer, the type of drier, the spices used, the type of meat, and other many factors involved in Their manufacture.

The elaboration and detailed information of each of the iberian sausages from iberian pigs will be expanded in its corresponding sections: Iberian ham, Iberian loin, Iberian sausage, Iberian sausage, Iberian sausage, etc.

Information and questions about spanish sausages

Information on spanish sausages

Spanish sausages are meat products prepared from authorized meats, usually minced and mixed with pork fat, potatoes, blood, etc. And seasoned with aromatic herbs and different spices, including paprika, pepper, thyme, rosemary, ginger and garlic that will be added and mixed before the mixture is embedded in natural or artificial casings for healing . It is preferable that the casings are natural since they give the sausages a better organoleptic qualities during the cure.

The Iberian sausages are sausages made from meats from Iberian pigs, which to achieve this denomination must have at least a 50% Iberian racial purity. The most traditional Iberian sausages are cane loin, sausage and sausage.

The best sausage maker is the one that best suits the tastes of consumers. Naming a company how the best sausages produced is impossible since each gives a special touch that makes their products differ from the rest. In general terms, the Iberian acorn sausages are the best that are marketed in terms of the meat with which they are made, which are the most demanded for high-class events.

The best Spanish sausages are the Iberian sausages of acorn because they are made from the meat and pork fat of higher quality organoleptic.

If we serve specific manufacturers in the market there are some with more prestige than others, which does not necessarily imply that they are the best, but are the most recognized for having done for many years a great job to get the best features and ensure you a proven quality.

The price of the sausage is sometimes not related to its quality but you have to be careful. It is very common to find in the market sausages at lower prices because they are less recognized brands that are opening a gap in the market or want to promote themselves.

Now, if you do not know the manufacturer, and you want to secure the purchase because it is a major event to buy sausages from a brand that you already know or at least they are Iberian acorn will guarantee success.

Our prices depend on the quantity of the order and the periodicity, so that each company enjoys the price as tight as possible from the first moment.

Questions about spanish sausages

The sausages can contain gluten since in their productive process they use spices and other food by-products that can contribute to it. It is necessary a control of this parameter on the part of the manufacturers to indicate if they contain or are free of gluten reason why not all the companies produce sausages without gluten.

In Spanish Ham we work with manufacturers included in the food list FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain) so we have gluten-free sausages and suitable for celiac.

Lactose intolerant people should be careful about sausages because some contain lactose as it has been used to flavor and mask the taste of salt. In addition, they serve as energy source for acid-lactic bacteria that from the sugars produce lactic acid, an essential reaction in the production of fermented sausages.

If you need sausages that do not contain lactose, in Spanish Ham, we work with manufacturers who produce their sausages in the absence lactose.

Iberian sausages usually contain a quantity of fats that is not ideal for a high daily consumption, so although it is ideal in a Mediterranean diet, it should be consumed with caution.

The leaner the meat the less amount of fat will contain, so the sucked loin contains less fat than the sausage, being whole lean pieces, without chopping or mixing.

Can something bad be so bad? No, they are not bad. As all food must be consumed with proper moderation.

Celiac or lactose intolerant consumers should be cautious as many sausages often contain lactose and gluten.

The Iberian sausages, according to some studies carried out such as that of Dr. Francisco Martín of the Medicentro Clinic (Huelva), in collaboration with the Huelva Ham Denomination of Origin and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Seville, are good for health through a "Almost daily" consumption of Iberian pork, oil and Mediterranean diet, by increasing longevity and reducing cholesterol and stress levels of people over 70 years.

This is due to the high oleic acid content of the Iberian pig and especially the pure Iberian pork bellota, which gives it a high percentage of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, ie unsaturated fatty acids and beneficial for health.

It can be stated that two-thirds of Iberian pork fat is "heart-healthy" because it contains a percentage of oleic, which varies according to the meat piece by around 50%, being higher in the case of acorn-based food or feed enriched with Oleins.

As a general rule when we talk about "sausages" we mean pork sausages, being the "Iberian sausage" exclusive of this select animal.

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