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Having an ham holder and the right tools to be able to slice iberian hams quickly, comfortably and safely improves the cut of the hams and palettes, obtaining to obtain thin slices, of perfect dimensions, ideal to be tasted and to feel its organolépticas properties in its maximum expression.

Iberian ham and, above all, iberian acorn ham is an exquisite delicacy that should not be sliced ​​without the right tools. Therefore, in Spanish Ham, we recommend:

  • Buy a stainless steel ham. In addition, if possible with swivel grip and balancer or tilting system. These last characteristics are not obligatory for the homes, but they would be almost indispensable for the channel HORECA when having to slice, in principle, large amounts of ham in short periods of time.
  • Buy stainless steel ham knife. Saw ham slicing knife can also be honeycombed to minimize the friction of the ham with the knife in the cut and to be able to slice more easily and with rounded tip to minimize the accidents.
  • Buy bark knife. This knife is used to clean the ham and make the cut by the hock. It is recommended that this knife be made of stainless steel. If you do not have it, you can use a butcher knife or similar to perform the debarking.
  • Buy knife lace. This knife should be short, firm and pointed, so that any area of ​​the ham can be accessed with it to separate the bone from the meat, thus facilitating the slicing work with the ham knife.
  • Buy knife sharpener. Although it seems not essential, knives to cut ham, and especially the ham knife should be sharp at all times to be able to get cut the ham properly.
  • Buy clamp to catch the ham. This tool is dispensable, although highly advisable at the professional level.
Buy ham holders and knives to cut ham

Before buying a ham holder and/or knives to cut ham properly and get a better use of it with an ideal slicing you must take into account the following factors.

Brand of ham holders and ham knives


As in all sectors, in the world of ham, there are brands of ham holders and ham knives more prestigious and more popular among professional ham cutters and the HORECA channel for its excellent features and qualities. This is due to a process of design and remodeling of many years where these manufacturers have perfected to the maximum their products, being able to offer in the sector hamon knives and ham of excellent quality.

At Spanish Ham we offer a wide range of products and advise our clients to make the most accurate decision regarding their needs.

Material of ham holder and ham knive

In the world of Iberian ham of acorn the material most advisable for the body of the hammers and the leaf of the ham knives is the stainless steel food. This material besides being clean, has excellent qualities. In the case of ham knives, it allows a great flexibility of its blade, helping in great measure during the slicing of the hams.

Characteristics of ham holders and ham knives

The fundamental characteristics of ham and knives are as follows:

Ham holder:

  • Good grip of the ham: the ham must be well attached to the ham avoiding any movement of the ham or trowel.
  • Anti-slip base: to have a system anti-slip / movement that prevents displacement of the ham during cutting.
  • Easy to clean: The ham should be made of non-porous materials that allow cleaning.
  • Balancing system: Adjusting the inclination of the ham or trowel during cutting is essential for correct slicing.
  • Rotating cap: Having a system of turning the ham without having to remove it from the ham facilitates the cut on all sides of the ham.

Knives ham:

  • Sharpening of the knife: The knife knives must be excellently sharpened to be able to make a slicing thin and fast. High quality stainless steel knives are recommended for sharpening for longer durability.
  • Flexibility: The ham knives must possess great flexibility to be able to adapt to the body of the ham and to better slice all its zones.
  • Antifriction: To improve the cut, avoiding that the ham sticks to the knife, lately many professional ham cutters are opting for honeycomb blades that minimize the friction of the ham with the ham knife during the slicing.

Price ham holders and ham knifes

The ham holders and ham knives according to their brands have a very wide range of prices according to their characteristics and construction materials so we can not indicate an average price of them.

If you need more detailed information to buy this type of products you should contact us.

Commercial attention to our customers

At Spanish Ham we give great importance to the commercial attention to our customers and future clients. To advise not only on the purchase of ham and knives, but on any of the products related to the world of ham is our goal, so that our customers are satisfied with their purchases, repeat and create a business relationship of trust and Durable.

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